About Monica

Monica Lopez, New York

My name is Monica Lopez-Aliaga born in La Paz, Bolivia living in the USA for the past 32 years. Married for 20 years and a mother of two girls Cyan 19 and Ciarra 17 plus my 4 legged baby Benji. I have a Dual Master's Degree in teaching/special education. 

Paintball History

Paintball came into my life fairly late around 2004. My first national event was in 2005 World Cup. Played Local events with Killer Pixies with my close friend Cecilia Journet owner of Stingray Ops who has been my unconditional supporter and my personal sponsor in all my paintball adventures to date. 

My goal was to always play for an all female team. In 2008, I played for Tami Adamson's Femmes Fatale. I have guested on Destiny throughout the years but fully committed to them around 4 years ago. I enjoy supporting all females in the sport and pride myself in that. 

Currently I play national events with The New Jersey Jesters and Destiny speedball, international events with the Warriors, Rabiosas, The Family and Black Sunday in all modalities. 

Won numerous medals in the open category in Mxl.
2017 D3 xball 2nd AC
2018 Mechanical open 3rd Dallas

What Team USA Women's Means to Me

Being part of Team USA is a great accomplishment for me as a player. It has taught me to build on team-work efforts in order to establish a great success. While involved on this team, I have been able to see my growth as a person because of their commitment. Lastly, it allowed me to evolve into a stronger individual.

My hobbies include traveling, spending time with friends and family, just living life to the fullest.