About Jessica

Jessica Miaolo, Texas

From Greenville, North Carolina, Jessica resides in Dallas, Texas and has been playing off and on since 2007. She's a Recreation, Aquatic, and ABA Therapist for people with special needs ; Personal Trainer

History in Paintball

So I dated this guy who would always ditch me to go play woodsball and would always talk about paintball.. I couldn’t stand the thought of it.  We broke up, my best friend Cheryl was like ‘hey wanna go keep me company at my boyfriend’s paintball (speedball) practice?’ I was like yeah sure why not. They asked us to play a million times until I gave in then after asked me to be part of their speedball team.. I figured screw it I have nothing to lose, if I hate it I’ll quit. Well.. I’ve been playing tournament speedball ever since.  

Jessica plays for d4 team Texas Phalanx. 

Why is Team USA Important to her?

To show other people that I CAN do it, and they can too if they put in the work and dedication. I love being able to finally spread the sport of paintball and get it more known around the USA.. Especially for females. 14) working out, traveling, shopping, snacks, naps, watching football, and obviously playing paintball.