About Emily

Emily Davis, Arizona

Co-owner/operator with her husband, Brent, at AirUps and founding member of AirUps Angels.
Born in Denton, Texas, raised in California, resides in Gilbert, Arizona.

Brent and Emily have 6 total children together (4 are Brent's, 2 are Emily's). A lifelong student, Emily is 3 classes away from finishing her Bachelor’s in business through BYU-I.

Paintball Experience

I was introduced to paintball by Brent, first by the manufacturing process of inflatable bunkers. I had never had any desire to play until meeting Brent, and am now addicted to the sport. Squeaked by sticking out the D5 ranking this year. Literally missed having to make the bump to D4 by a fraction of a point.

She's honored to be on Team USA

Being on Team USA is a huge honor for me, being someone who hasn’t played as long as the others on the team, or a lot of other well qualified females in the states. Our goal as a team is to invite more females into the sport by bringing out girls who have never before played paintball. Being able to represent the newer player, but as someone who has a passion for the sport, and literally lives and breathes paintball, means a lot to me.